Monte Carlo SS!

Monte Carlo SS!

Monte Carlo SS!
Mexican Monte Carlo SS!

Rare 1984 Mexican Monte Carlo SS
Updated January 22nd, 2008

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Mexican Monte Carlo SS Brochure on PaulB's site!

Hector Gonzalez's 1984 Mexican Monte Carlo SS

Hector Gonzalez in Mexico City, Mexico sent these excellent pictures documenting his 1984 Mexican version Monte Carlo SS. The Mexican version of the Monte Carlo SS was only offered in 1984 and differs from the United States version in several ways:

Please Note: Hector has modified his SS (as many of us in the United States have) over the years. These changes include:

Hector indicates that the Mexican Monte Carlo SS was only offered in 1984, therefore, they are not very common there. It was named the fastest production car in Mexico at the time. Other car manufacturers were producing 4 and 6 cylinder cars, and a few 5.0 liter V8 models. Only trucks were available with equal or larger engines. As noted above, the Mexican SS came with a 350ci Engine, a 4 speed Hurst Manual Transmission, 4 barrel Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, performance suspension, bucket seats, manual windows and power locks. would like to thank Hector Gonzalez for sharing his SS with us, and for providing the valuable information and images of this very rare Monte Carlo SS!

Oscar Correa's 1984 Mexican Monte Carlo SS

Oscar Correa from Mexico City has also sent an picture of his 84 Mexican SS. Thanks very much Oscar!

Jesus Jimenez's 1984 Mexican Monte Carlo SS

Click the link below to go to Jesus's Website about his 84 SS

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