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Monte Carlo SS!

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Number of SSs currently in the database: Over 1625!

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Monte Carlo SS Registry

ATTENTION! If you tried to sign up and create a new account with the SS Registry Database from October 2006 through May 2007, you probably gave up in frustration at having not received a confirmation EMail with your password. We just recently tracked down and repaired the obscure EMail problem associated with the SS Registry Database. If you remember your account name, please try to access it again and have a password sent to your email address. If you do not remember the user ID you used to sign-up, please try to sign-up again, or contact the SS Registry Database Administrator. We are sorry for any inconvenience and frustration this may have caused.

Read this page entirely before proceeding.

Welcome to the Monte Carlo SS Registry. If you have not logged into the registry before to enter data, go to the Sign Up Form. Otherwise, you can Log On to enter or modify a record, or search the Registry. You can also Default Login to just perform searches without signing up for an account. You can also see What's New in the Registry within the last week.

When you Sign Up you will be asked to enter a nickname and your e-mail address. To ensure the validity of the Registry, free-mail type e-mail addresses (such as hotmail and yahoo) are not allowed. Refer to the Privacy notice below regarding your e-mail address. Once you sign-up, your registry password will be immediately e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provide. You can modify your password once you Log On.

Important! The SS Registry database and the Monte Carlo SS Community Forum are two separate software entities. Each requires a separate registration account. You will not be able to post messages on the Message Board with your SS Registry user ID and password. Just as you will not be able to add a registry entry with your Message Board User ID and password. You can use the same User ID for both to make it easy to remember, but it is not required. On both systems, once you have your system issued random password, you can modify that password to anything, and at that point make both match each other. To register on the Community Forum, CLICK HERE

When you add a record into the Registry, you will be asked to complete a form that describes your SS. Be sure to answer all entry fields. There are entries to link to your web homepage and an image of your SS. If you do not have a web page and/or image to link to, just leave those entries default (default = http://). If you fail to answer all required entries, an error window will appear telling you which fields must be completed. One of the required fields that you must enter is your SS's VIN number. This is required to ensure the validity of the entry. Refer to the Privacy notice below regarding your VIN number. This registry is for 4th Generation (1983 - 1988) Monte Carlo SSs only. Sorry, SS conversions and non-SS models are not included.

All records added or modified will be validated by the Registry Administrator before they will be added to the searchable Registry. You will receive an e-mail once your added/modified record has been validated.

There is an "Additional" entry field in the Registry Form where you can add any additional text about your SS that you want. Do not use the "|" character within this field. Doing so will prevent your entry from being validated.

Modified or Stock?
The 'Condition' field within the database is used to denote whether the set of options depicted in the entry represent a stock configuration, or a modified configuration. This field, along with the options listed are one of the things we look at when validating your database entry. If you list the SS as 'Stock', the options listed must have been available for the model year of the SS. If we see a mis-matched option based on the model year, with the condition field indicating 'Stock' condition, we will not validate the entry, and email you pointing out the discrepancy. So if you've changed exterior/interior colors, engine, or spoiler, please select "Modified" in the condition field. The importance of this field is high when someone is performing a search for stock options for a model year.

The 'Spoiler' field often causes some trouble because people don't know the difference between the earlier 'stand-up' style and later 'lay-down' style spoilers. All 1983 through 1986 notchback SSs came stock with the 'stand-up' style spoiler. In 1987 they made the transition between stand-up and lay-down spoiler. So some 87s had stand-up, some had laydown. There doesn't appear to be any specific cut-off date or assembly plant associated with the change. All 1988 SSs had the lay-down style spoiler, as did all Aerocoupes in 1986 and 1987. If you are unsure which type you have, please check out the THIS IMAGE for a good comparison image. If you enter a spoiler type that does not match the above stated stock options, and list your SS as stock, you will get an email during validation of the entry asking you to look into it.

One of the great features of this Registry is the ability to keep track of Stolen SSs. The "Condition" entry field in the Record entry form has a "Stolen - Not Recovered" option. Use this option to indicate that the SS is currently considered stolen. It is very important that the records of Stolen SSs are updated once they are recovered. VIN numbers will show up in the Stolen SS Search. They do not appear in any other search. To aide in the recovery of your SS, enter specific data in the "Additional" field about where and when it was stolen, what the license tag is, etc.

To satisfy the previous request for an Aerocoupe Registry, a separate search just for Aerocoupes is also available in the index above.

PRIVACY: E-mail addresses and VIN numbers.
E-mail: Your E-mail address will only be viewable to others if you click the "YES" button on the "ShowEmail" entry when adding or modifying a Registry record. E-mail addresses are not searchable. In all cases, the SS Registry Database Administrator can view and retrieve your e-mail address at any time, and will not give that information to anyone at anytime unless authorized by you. By default, your e-mail address will not be viewable within the Registry.

VIN Numbers: VIN numbers are not viewable within the Registry, unless a Stolen SS search is performed and you have selected "Stolen - Not Recovered" in the condition field when entering your database entry. VIN numbers must be entered however to ensure the record's validity. The SS Registry Database Administrator can view and retrieve your VIN number at any time and will not give that information to anyone unless authorized by you.

ET Database
Your login information (User ID and Password) used here for the SS Registry can be used for the ET Database here on Both databases share the same user account file. The ET Database is a searchable database of drag race time slips. Go over there and take a look!

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