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Charter | Benefactors | Contributions | Stickers | Site Cards | Webmaster | ©Copyright Notice | Privacy Statement Charter exists as a gathering point for 4th Generation (1983 - 1988) Chevy Monte Carlo SS enthusiasts. The website facilitates the gathering, cataloging and archiving of information; provides a facility for the exchange of information, ideas and experiences, and assists in the fostering of friendships amoung its membership. is more than a website. It is an active and healthy community, an extensive resource library, and THE collective authority on the 4th Generation Monte Carlo SS.

On this site you will find: is privately owned by Paul Carreiro (Z65_Paul) and is not operated for profit. The site is supported entirely by user contributions. Our goal is to never have unsightly banner ads, pop-up ads or user fees on the site. If you enjoy, get useful information from the site, or have bought or sold SSs or parts for SSs on the Message board, please consider showing your support by contributing to the website maintenance fund. All contributions are kept in a separate website bank account and are used solely for website upkeep and projects. Also, please let us know what you want in this web site. Most of the features you will find on the site were the direct result of someone's suggestion. Unfortunately, we can't be the end all Monte Carlo site. There are other sites devoted to the other Monte Carlo generations and styles. We hope you enjoy what we have already in place, and what is to come. Enjoy! Authroized Vendors Authorized Vendors:
BRP HotRods
Dixie Monte Carlo Depot
GNS Performance
GSI Interiors
Mac-Ink Customs
Midnight Powder Coating Mikes Montes
MV85SS Powder Coating
SMM Enterprises Inc.
Tri-Pro Automotive LLC

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This site is not operated for profit and is supported by generous contributions by the members and users of the site. Contributions to help keep the site going are very much appreciated, no matter what size they are. If you get useful information and enjoyment from, and would like to help assure its existence into the future, please contact me personally via email at and I will indicate the postal address for contributions. All contributions are kept in a separate bank account used only for site expenses and projects. Contributions also help ensure that banner ads won't be seen on! We want your visit to be billboard free!

Another easy way to contribute to the site is via PayPal. Pay-Pal is an online fund transfer service that is FREE, very secure and insured. If you don't have an account with PayPal, click on the PayPal logo below to sign up:
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By using this link, PayPal will give $5 as a referral bonus. Also, PayPal will pay you $5 just for signing up! Once you have signed up and have an account on PayPal, transfer funds to "". Please indicate who you are, and that it is a donation for the website. Stickers stickers are available in a variety of colors. Stickers measure 8 1/4" long and 3/4" tall and look like the image below. They fit perfectly in the side quarter windows. Another great spot to place them is on the center bottom of the rear window. Put one on your fridge! Or put one on your computer monitor! Each sticker is designed to be applied to the outside of a window or other structure (sticky on the back side) and is made of quality vinyl commonly used in other automotive window stickers.

Monte Carlo SS!

The price for each sticker is $6.00, shipping included. We offer these stickers as way to keep the site maintenance fund going. The cost of these stickers was extracted from the site maintenance fund. The price reflects the cost of the stickers, plus an additional amount to help the fund. 100% of the end user cost of these stickers goes back into the site maintenance fund.

We also invite you to take the opportunity at the time of your sticker order to contribute an additional amount to the site maintenance fund. is privately owned, and operated as a not-for-profit operation. We have been in operation for over 10 years, and in that time, the site owner has not profited from the site at all. 100% of the contributions collected go toward maintenance and up-keep of the website and its projects. is an entirely user supported operation. Without your contributions, we would cease operations. We continue to promise not to engage ugly (visual spam) banner, pop-up, and GOOGLE style ads that permeate the rest of the internet. Consider for a moment the vast amount of information collected, the free For Sale and Want Ads available to members, and the friendships and camaraderie between members. We offer a lot. We are far more than just another automotive enthusiast website. We are a community. Please show your support.

To order online CLICK HERE using paypal or credit card payment. If you wish to pay via check or money order, please contact the site administration directly instead of using the online webcart.

Once you have the stickers in hand, use the Installation Instructions to ensure a proper and long lasting application. Site (Business) Cards "business" website cards are available upon request. These are great for promoting at cruises, car shows, drag races and other SSs you happen to see on the street. Each can be customized with your name and email address, or have them generic looking as shown above. They are available in limited quantities upon request. There is no charge for them but like always, we ask that you consider a donation to the site.

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Please note, while I love hearing from visitors to the site and encourage feedback and comments; technical questions should be routed to the Message Board community. There is a lot of experience and talent within the Message Board community that far surpasses my individual experience and expertise. That and I just don't have time to respond to individual technical questions via email anymore. I still contribute technically via the Message Board. Many times, technical questions can be answered simply by performing a search on the site, the FAQ or the Message Board. Most likely, your the question has been asked and answered before.

E-Mail:Paul Carreiro
Monte Carlo IRC Chat Room: #Monte, Nick: "Z65_Paul"
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