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Best of the Best Monte Carlo SS Sites

The following sites are the best of the best for all around information for the 4th Generation
Monte Carlo SS

General Monte Carlo SS Information

The following pages have good general production information about the 4th generation Monte Carlo SS.

Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe Information

  • 1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe Registry here on
  • Aerocoupe Info on Mike Donovan’s web site.
  • Instructions for removing the rear Aerocoupe window and gasket can be found in the Technical Information Section under Body & Frame.
  • Aerocoupe Rear Window Information on the Monte E-Mail List web site.
  • Aerocoupe Trunk Struts! Manhattan Supply Company carries new struts that work but are 1/2″ shorter than the originals. The 1/2″ doesn’t reduce the trunk opening significantly. They offer different weight struts. Members of the message board have found that the 100lb versions will work fine. The best news is these cost about $10 each. You can find Manhattan Supply Company at The part number for the 100lb strut is #00484006. The description is “GGS44 P1=100 lbs EF110 Guden Gas Springs”. Thanks to Z16Monte on the Message Board for hunting this information down.
  • 86 Aerocoupe Parts Image, Parts List
  • 87 Aerocoupe Parts Image, Parts List

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