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Read this page entirely before proceeding.

Welcome to the Monte Carlo SS ET Database.  If you have not logged into the ET Database or the SS Registry before to enter data, go to the  Sign Up Form.  Otherwise, you can Log On to enter or modify a record, or search the ET Database. You can also Default Login to just perform searches without signing up for an account.  You can also see What’s New in the ET Database within the last week.

When you Sign Up you will be asked to enter a nickname and your e-mail address.  To ensure the validity of the ET Database and SS Registry, free-mail type e-mail addresses (such as Hotmail and Yahoo) are not allowed.  Refer to the Privacy notice below regarding your e-mail address.  Once you sign-up, your ET Database / SS Registry password will be immediately e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provide.  You can modify your password once you Log On.

Important!  The SS Registry and ET Databases share a common user database.  Therefore, if you already have an SS Registry log-in, you can use that same User ID and Password here in the ET Database (and vise versa).
HOWEVER!:  The SS Registry / ET Databases and the Monte Carlo SS Message Board are two separate software entities.  Each requires a separate registration account.  You will not be able to post messages on the Message Board with your SS Registry / ET Database User ID and Password.  Just as you will not be able to add a database entry with your Message Board User ID and password.  You can use the same User ID for both to make it easy to remember, but it is not required.  On both systems, once you have your system issued random password, you can modify that password to anything, and at that point make both match each other.

When you add an entry into the ET Database, you will be asked to complete a form that includes data from your time slip, as well as a description of your race / engine / car setup.  Be sure to answer as many fields as you can. Certain fields are required.  If you fail to answer all required entries, an error window will appear telling you which fields must be completed.  This registry is for 4th Generation (1981 – 1988) Monte Carlos only.

All records added or modified will be validated by the ET Database Administrator before they will be added to the searchable Database.  You will receive an e-mail once your added/modified record has been validated.

Corrected 1/4 ET & MPH:
The NHRA has published correction factors for NHRA member tracks that are greater than 1600 feet above sea level.  For this reason, you will find an entry just after the 1/4 MPH in the database indicating whether or not the values have been corrected.  If your run was at a high altitude track, refer to this NHRA Altitude Adjustment Page
to find the appropriate correction factors to apply to your time slip.  You can also use the table below to find the appropriate correction factor for your 1/4 ET and MPH.  Find the altitude (above sea level) for your track, then multiply the appropriate correction factor to your 1/4 ET and MPH to find the corrected values.  Remember to change the “Corrected” field in your entry to “Y” if you apply this correction.  For a good explanation of adjusting time slips for weather CLICK HERE


Altitude ET Factor MPH Factor Altitude ET Factor MPH Factor Altitude ET Factor MPH Factor
1200 .9874 1.0129 2700 .9679 1.0339 4100 .9497 1.0535
1300 .9861 1.0143 2800 .9666 1.0353 4200 .9484 1.0549
1400 .9848 1.0157 2900 .9653 1.0367 4300 .9471 1.0563
1500 .9835 1.0171 3000 .9640 1.0381 4400 .9458 1.0577
1600 .9822 1.0185 3100 .9627 1.0395 4500 .9445 1.0591
1700 .9809 1.0199 3200 .9614 1.0409 4600 .9432 1.0605
1800 .9796 1.0213 3300 .9601 1.0423 4700 .9419 1.0619
1900 .9783 1.0227 3400 .9588 1.0437 4800 .9406 1.0633
2000 .9770 1.0241 3500 .9575 1.0451 4900 .9393 1.0647
2100 .9757 1.0255 3600 .9562 1.0465 5000 .9380 1.0661
2200 .9744 1.0269 3700 .9549 1.0479 5100 .9367 1.0675
2300 .9731 1.0283 3800 .9536 1.0493 5200 .9354 1.0689
2400 .9718 1.0297 3900 .9523 1.0507 5300 .9341 1.0703
2500 .9705 1.0311 4000 .9510 1.0521 5400 .9328 1.0717
2600 .9692 1.0325 5500 .9315 1.0731


There is an “Additional” entry field in the ET Database Form where you can add any additional text about your SS or the Drag Race that you want.  Do not use the “|” character within this field.  Doing so will prevent your entry from being validated.

PRIVACY: E-mail addresses.
E-mail: Your E-mail address will only be viewable to others if you click the “YES” button on the “ShowEmail” entry when adding or modifying a Registry record.  E-mail addresses are not searchable.  In all cases, the  ET Database Administrator can view and retrieve your e-mail address at any time, and will not give that information to anyone at anytime unless authorized by you.  By default, your e-mail address will not be viewable within the Registry.

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