Sticker Installation Instructions

  1. Cleaning:
  2. Insure hands are clean and free of oils or dirt.
  3. Remove sticker backing exposing the adhesive. Do not touch the adhesive surface any more than necessary.
  4. Align graphic on one side or other, not allowing contact of sign not being applied.
  5. With a firm straight edge applicator, press firmly against the sticker and work from one side to the other.
  6. Check for any air bubbles that may have been trapped, using the applicator to push them out.
  7. Peel a corner of the masking surface back and slowly remove it making sure thta the sticker does not peel up with it. If it does, smooth the masking back down with the applicator and wait a few mintues before continuing with another attempt.
  8. Allow a day or two before washing.