Monte Carlo SS!

Monte Carlo SS!

Monte Carlo SS! Stickers Stickers are HERE! stickers are available in a variety of colors (listed below). Stickers measure 8 1/4" long and 3/4" tall and look like the image below. They fit perfectly in the side quarter windows. Another great spot to place them is on the center bottom of the rear window. Put one on your fridge! Or put one on your computer monitor! Each sticker is designed to be applied to the outside of a window or other structure (sticky on the back side) and is made of quality vinyl commonly used in other automotive window stickers.

Monte Carlo SS!

The price for each sticker is $6.00, shipping included. We offer these stickers as way to keep the site maintenance fund going. The cost of these stickers was extracted from the site maintenance fund. The price reflects the cost of the stickers, an amount to help defray the cost of shipping, envelopes and the costs associated with paypal, plus an additional small amount to help improve the fund. 100% of the end user cost of these stickers goes back into the site maintenance fund.

We also invite you to take the opportunity at the time of your sticker order to contribute an additional amount to the site maintenance fund. is privately owned, and operated as a not-for-profit operation. We have been in operation for over 10 years, and in that time, the site owner has not profited from the site at all. 100% of the contributions collected go toward maintenance and up-keep of the website and its projects. is an entirely user supported operation. Without your contributions, we would cease operations. We continue to promise not to engage ugly (visual spam) banner, pop-up, and GOOGLE style ads that permeate the rest of the internet. Consider for a moment the vast amount of information collected, the free For Sale and Want Ads available to members, and the friendships and camaraderie between members. We offer a lot. We are far more than just another automotive enthusiast website. We are a community. Please show your support.

Once you have the stickers in hand, use the Installation Instructions to ensure a proper and long lasting application. Stickers
$6.00 Each
Contribute to the Site Maintenance Fund
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If you wish to pay via Check or Money Order, please contact the site administration to place your order.

Silver, Orange, Blue and Black are currently sold out. These colors may be available again in the future.

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