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Updated: March 31st, 2006

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The Pits: Racing SSs

Featured Race SS: Erik Warkentine 87 SS launching
Racing SSs!
Mike Lessard's 87 Aerocoupe SS
as it launches at Darlington Dragway. It runs consistant 13.7's @ 99mph 1.98 60ft times. 13.716 this run.
Allen Elsbury's SS
as it rockets down the track 13.7 second pass, 12.7 second pass
Super Pro SS
Randy's 84 SS
at the strip Image 1, Image 2
Daren Otto's 88 SS
doing some smokey burn-outs! Image 1, Image 2
Jack Boer's 84 SS
doing a smokey burn-out and then launching wheels up! Powered by a 540ci bbc, NOS 2 stage setup. ET: 8.47 @ 171mph
Burnout, Launch
Mike Davio's 86 SS
Functional ram air and super turbo exhaust with K&N element. at 75-80 Dragway in Monrovia, MD
Doug Lutes' 85 SS
Getting ready to launch at the track. Image
Karl Fredrickson's Street Division 84SS
at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire. There's a 350 under the hood. Picture of Rick's SS between Crew Chief Pete's Maroon 85 SS and Derek's (Pete's son) White 86 SS.
Chris Svanda's 87/88 SS
doing a smokey burn-out. The cops showed up shortly there-after. Luckly, Chris didn't get ticketed.
Kurt Bergantini's 85 SS
laying down some rubber. Kurt's SS is mildly built, but still retains the original 305 engine. The engine has an Edlelbrock Performer intake, a Summit 272 cam, a Carter 625cfm carb with electric choke, an Iroc Z serp. setup w/ air, an Edlelbrock reverse rotation water pump, a Robert Shaw 180 "free flowing" thermostat, and Flex-a-lite dual electric fans. The SS also has an 87 Trans Am 700r4 tranny with an electric lock up, and a stage two shift kit, and a limited slip differential from a Regal.
Rich Panicaro's 87 Aerocoupe
doing a prestage burn-out Atco & Englishtown N.J. Note the Ram-Air intakes. Here's the Aerocoupe launching. And the Aerocoupe in the winner's circle.
Mike Marchalko's 85 SS
doing a prestage burn-out. Launching Wheels-up!
28K Miles, Current configuration: 400 SBC bored .020 over making it a 404, with 5.7 marine rods, Speed pro pistons, 11:1 compression, iron Dart 2.02 heads, Crane hydralic cam, Bill Mitchell 750 carb, and Edelbrock Victor Jr intake. New ceramic coated Headman Hussler 1 3/4" headers, and a full 3" exhaust system. The rear end has a 3:70 gear and an Art Carr 3200 stall converter. Only run with this combo netted ET of 12.60 @ 109MPH (stalled at lights).
Previous best (with a now deceased 350 2 bolt main SBC) was an ET of 11.72 @ 113MPH with a 1.61 60 foot time (no nitrous!). That combo had 11:1 compression, 64cc heads, iron GM just pocket porting, used LT-1 steel crank, pink rods, TRW pistons, Victor Jr intake, Barry Grant 750 double pumper, General Kinetics solid lifter cam (special), but about .510 lift. Headman 1 3/4 headers, 350 trans, 5000 stall Coan converter, 9 inch Ford with a 5:14 gear. Shifted at 6800 rpm 1st & 2nd gear and went thru the traps at 7100 rpm.
Paul Giordano's 87SS
doing a nice smokey burn-out. See more images and a write-up of Paul's SS up in the Modified SS section of this page.
Dave's 86 SS
from Bucks County, PA. Engine: 64' Corvette 327, .030 over Dart2 Sportsman heads solidcam, 12to1 motor. 700-R4 tranny, 3500-4000 stall converter. 12-bolt rear with 488 gears. ET: 12.85@106.5. Here is a picture from the Wildwood Burn-Out Contest 2000. Dave is looking forward to this year's Wildwood contest as the SS now sports a ZZ502/502HP Crate with a 400 turbo trans and 373 gears.
Frank Brenniser's NHRA Super Stock / GTA 85 SS
Pictures of Frank's car were submitted by his son Todd with exclusive permission to be posted only here on We are very honored to display their SS here in the Exhibit.
This car was given to Todd's father by GM in June of 1985 as a "body in white", meaning it was pulled from the assembly line before being completely finish because it was destined to become a race car. There was no electrical, no brake lines or A/C lines in the car, and the dash had minimal features.
Naturally it's a Monte Carlo SS. The engine, by NHRA, is factory rated at 454/425hp and dynoed at 854hp@664ft.lbs. of torque on a Suska dyno. One Holley 750 double pumper carb, The Brenniser's don't run any juice, which is not permitted in NHRA Super Stock. It has MSD ignitions, GM casting #990 cylinder heads redone by HVH and an HVH intake. Crower Crank, Venolia pistons, Comp Cams valvetrain, Canton Oil pan (8qts) with our Accusump. They run 6 qts, the sump takes 2 qts and holds it until the run is over, then it replaces. Less friction on the crank and more power (don't recommend this to anyone unless they want to replace the motor). McLeod starter, Dana 60 rear with weld wheels and Goodyear Slicks 14 1/2x32x15 with 13lbs of air. 60 foots 1.28 seconds, best e.t. and mph 9.32 @142mph. It's known by computer and in the minds of the best in the country it should go 9.20's@144. It held the NHRA National Record in the 1/4 and 1/8 in 92-93 for its class. It was also 1988 Keystone Runner-up, and had numerous class wins at the U.S. Nationals, 87-89 Summer Nationals, and held the NHRA Record beside 92-93 also in 1985. This Monte also had the VERY first Bow-Tie Block made by GM in it. At that time it was experimental. It was the very first car to be made and raced in the NHRA class of GTAA. The car has and is involved for the up and coming season. Is involved with a 33 company sponsorship from ARP, to House of Kolors, to Mothers polishes and waxes and so forth. Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Chris Willmann's 87 SS
in Gaithersburg, MD doing a nice burn-out. His SS is all stock but has a 350ci engine upgrade ready to drop in and is searching for a tranny. Chris plans to paint the car black with red ghost flames. As of early 2002, the Chris has a crate 350 bored .40 over on a stand in his shop. It has a Weind X X-celerator intake manifold, Edelbrock aluminum water pump, 750 cfm Edelbrock carb with electric choke, Summit distributor, MSD wires, Delco plugs, edelbrock fuel pump, and Hooker headers. He bought a 700-R4 core trans and had it overhauled and put a shift kit in it. He's running a 2000 stall into a stock rear with a locker and 4.10 gears. Right now everything is still being put together but he's hoping everything goes well. He's currently waiting on polyurethane motor and trans mounts. Completing the Burn-out.
Craig Stairs' Pro-Street 84 SS
in Fredericton, N.B. Canada. Craig still drives his Pro-Street SS to work practically every day in the summer. It is liscensed and inspected, runs on DOT approved tires and turns low 10's at the track. Craig has loved these cars since he first saw one in 1984. He spent the last 3 years doing all of the major modifications. The car was stock when he bought it. In his first retrofit he added a 350 chev with a B&M 144 blower, 350 turbo tranny, a Grand National rear end, stereo and paint. With some help from the laughing gas the car would run 11.43 in the quarter mile at 122 mph. However the need for speed and increasing local street racing competition led him to a more drastic second retrofit, including a 454 .060 over, B& megablower, tubbed the rear, competition engineering under gear, strange axles and gears, beefed up tranny and all the fuel pumps, ignition and boxes needed to make it work. In the end he knocked just under 1.5 seconds off his ET's. It is a low 10 second street car but gave up quite a bit in the way of day to day driving. His advice to someone thinking of going down the same route: If you enjoy driving your car more than 30 kms at a time, leave it the way it is. When you start down the pro-street road (tubbing, gearing, and carburating), long distance driving becomes out of the question. As it is now he is looking for another SS to convert to the way he had this one after his first retrofit (small blower, good tranny, rear gears and rear end). It was a perfect combination, fast and very streetable. Cheap to do and cheap to run, everything fit nicely under the hood, he still had a back seat, great handling and more than 30 miles on a tank full of gas. (He now has a 5 gallon racing tank in the 'trunk'). Craig is willing to sell this Pro-Street SS for $25,000. U.S. Image 2, Image 3
David Schmidt's 85 SS
doing a nice smokey burn-out. David's SS is 406-powered. TH350, 3.73 with locker, true "dual" exhaust w/H-pipe, 16x8 Centerlines, 245/50-16 front, 255/50-16 rear, over $2500 in 1400 watt stereo. Shown in Nov. 2001 issue of Car Craft "Reader's Rides". See more images of David's SS in the 85 Notchback Gallery.
Russ Wolden's 85 SS
doing a nice smokey burn-out. See more images of Russ's SS in the Modified Gallery.
Barry Snyder's 87 Aerocoupe in N.J.
doing a wheels-up launch at the track! This 87 Aerocoupe was used by Barry's wife as a daily driver till it caught fire an burnt up from the windshield forword on her way to work one day. The insurance company totaled it and they bought it back for $150. Now she sport's a 1 piece carbon fiber front end, carbon door's w/ plexi glass, and new paint. Power comes from a 625 horse 468 BB on alky. Stock bottom end w/ 13.5:1 pistons. Iron GM rect. port heads and a solid lifter cam. Turbo 400 w/mods of coarse, ATI 4500 converter, 9" rear w/spool and all the good stuff. The car still is alittle heavy at 3240 lb's with Barry in it. Plan's this year are to lighten it up with Fiber trunk lid, plexi glass t-top's, and back window. Best time in the 1/4 on gas was 10.23@125 mph. Now that it's on alky Barry is hoping for a 10.00 or 9.90's.
Trevor Seminuk's Black 87 SS
Staged at the lights.
Erik Warkentine's Silver 87 SS from Wichita, KS
Launching hard. Eric's SS runs consistent 13.0's in the 1/4 mile, and we mean 0's, as in 13 flat!! It has a mild 357 cid with a stock crank and rods, a Summit hydraulic 292, .488 cam. 9.39-1 compression, (runs great on pump gas). Stock '96 vortec heads, with the exception of heavier springs, and screw in studs. Edelbrock performer RPM airgap with a Holley 750 DP. It has full 2 1/2" exhaust and Erik drives it everywhere! This is a picture from the Division 5 E.T. finals in Topeka, KS in 2002.

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