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Update: March 31st, 2006

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88 Notchback SS Exhibit

Featured 88 Notchback: Rodney Jaco's 88 SS
88 Notchback SS
Luigi's 88 SS
given to him by his father who is the original owner. The SS is all stock except for the exhaust. Side View, Rear View
Sean Holdip's 88 SS
in Daly City, CA. Sean just bought this SS from a dealer in Florida. 80K MIles. Right Rear, Left Side, Engine, Interior, Interior, Trunk,
John Bzdel's Black 88 SS
Rear shot,
Black 88 SS
in Philly. 123K Miles. Older Buick Gran National rims. Flowmasters. Shhh.. this one is on duty, it's a surveillance vehicle.
Brian Garber's Burgundy 88 SS
88K Miles, L69, Posi, T-Tops
Greg Takahashi's White 88 SS
from Hawaii. It has 107K Mikes on it, flowmaster exhaust system, transmission rebuild and race kit, stock aluminum wheels, stock L69 engine, recently added cold air induction, Pioneer stereo system including all pioneer replaced speakers a cd player, and two 15" Nakamichi stereo subwoofers.
Travis Toth's Black 88 SS
83K Miles, original L69 and TH200-4R. Plans for a Goodwrench 350 and shift kit. 2.5" pipes, Flowmaster 40s, 3.5x22" chrome tips. Unfortunately his beautiful SS was involved in a rather hefty accident. Travis SS has been repaired and is now highly modified. See the "after" pictures below, in the Modified section. Here are more "Before" shots:
Right Rear, Right Front, Engine, Right Rear, Left Front, Left Rear
Robert Allard's White 88 SS
43K Miles, T-Tops.
Brian's (JameT in the Chat Room) Black 88 SS
ZZ4 Crate Engine, Edelbrock 750cfm manuel choke carb, 8.5 mm MSD sprk plug wires, MSD 6AL ignition, Bosch platinum +4 spark plugs, stock radiator w/4-cores redone by local shop, B&M TCC controller, 15x7 American racing 200-s rims, Dynomax headers 1 3/4" to a 3" collector custom, true-dual, fullywelded, H-pipe exhaust, 2 1/2" pipe w/dynomax race magnum mufflers, Holley blue series fuel pump and regulator, Edelbrock air cleaner. Future plans include a T5 manual transmission swap.
Side View, Engine Front, Engine Side
Jeff Hoover's Immaculate Maroon 88 SS
41K Miles. Stock L-69, K & N air filter, flowmaster 40's (two-chamber), 3.5 X 22 inch chrome tips, hollowed out cat, Goodyear Eagle #1's (255/60/15), Goodyear Hi-Miler heater and radiator hoses, bench seat.
Front Left, Elevated Left Rear, Right Rear, Right Rear, Left Rear
George Pretto's 88 SS
67K Miles Right Front, Left Front, Left Rear, Interior
Doug Lutes' 88 SS
Doug's SS has a Recaro racing seats, Pearl Paint with Purple accents, a new Jasper class 1 350 engine, Dynomax fully coated full tube headers, Torq-Tech True Dual 2.5" exhaust w/ Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers, G-Force dual hump crossmember, Edelbrock Performer intake, victor water pump, fuel pump, valve covers, Holley 750 carb with electric choke, Moroso 1' spacer Summit dual feed fuel line w/ gauge, Proform HEI distributer, Taylor 8mm wires (yellow), silicone hose kit (yellow), 14x3" inch K&N w/ the Xtreme top, Summit 110 amp chrome alternator, Summit 3 core radiator w/ aluminum catch can, Southside Machine lift bars (replace rear lower control arms), American Racing Torq-Thrust II's 16x7" and 16x8" with Yokohama AVS-I tires, 225/50/16 in front and 255/50/16 in back, Energy Suspension Tranny and Motor Mounts, Bell Tech 2" Drop Spindles in Front, Drop springs in rear, Bell Tech Nitro Drop Shocks on all four corners, PST Polygraphite bushing kit for the front. Doug's future mods include Hotchkis adjustable upper control arms, tie rod sleeves, and sway bar set, Millenium Yellow Paint Job, SS style hood from
Left Rear, Right Front
Val Ramos' 88 SS
Val's nick on the message board is "UntuchablSS". Val's SS sports a nicely worked 377 with Edelbrock, Carter, Moroso, Speed-Pro, Fel-pro components and more, GN tranny, B&M tranny cooler, B&M shift kit, 2000 rpm stall converter, AutoMeter gauges, DynoMax Headers, FlowTech Purple Hornies Header Mufflers, Painless wiring torque converter lock-up kit, Eagle deep dished rims (15x8), 255-60-15 & 235-60-15 tires. Great audio by Kenwood w/CD changer, Sony & Boston Acoustic speakers, woofer and satellite tweeters. Future upgrades include, MSD ignition system, 8.5" posi rear, full length 3" exhaust system w/ hi-flo catalytic converters, Fiberglass body parts and custom variable angle aluminum 6" spoiler.
Neil Werner's "SSmooth88" White 88 SS
Hood up, Front quarter, Rear quarter
Jerry Filippone's 88 SS
Jerry is the 3rd owner. This car is all stock. It has 135K Miles on it and is still running great. Its getting a total makeover soon.
Stephen Pennington's Silver 88 SS
Stephen's engine is a balanced and blueprinted 350 punched 30 over with Vortec heads, Edelbrock intake and 650 cfm carb, roller cam from a ZZ4 crate motor, roller chain, Dynomax headers, Accel super coil. Stock tranny with shift improver kit, stock 3:73's out back. Future plans include steel cowl hood, 2" drop spindles up front and disc brakes on the rear. It recently got a top 5 award at the car show shown below.
Right Left Left Front Front Interior
Terry Mulvale's Black 88 SS from Nova Scotia,Canada
Terry's user ID on the Message Board is "SSKnight" and is a member of the Valley Monte Carlo Club. The image above is a "before" picture. Below are retoration and "after" pictures.
Restoration, Restoration, Restoration, Restored - Left, Restored - Right, Restored - Left Rear, Restored - Left, Restored - Right Rear, Restored - Left Front
Leslie Quella's 88 SS
in Minnesota. Leslie's SS is all stock, black with gray interior. L69 Engine. Purchased in 1994, has 90,000 miles. Stored winters.
Left Rear, Front Left
Armando Castillo's 88 SS
in California. Armando picked up this great looking SS in the summer of 2001. Unfortunately, it was stolen in October of 2001 and recovered a few days later without the rims (IROC), stereo and with a damaged steering collar. Armando, who goes by "mando" in the chat channel vows to get the SS back up in as good a condition as before.
Left Front, Left Side, Front, Custom Headrests, Custom Backseat, Custom Headrests.
Daniel Stavin's 88 SS
Daniel bought this SS with his own money when he turned 16 in 1999. 90K Miles, original L69 and TH200-4R with shift kit. Car is stock except for the exhaust and paint. Alpine stereo system. Always stored in the winter. Mods include: Edelbrock T.E.S. headers, Flowmasters 40's, 24" chrome tips, new burgundy paint.
Front, Right Rear
John Allspaw's Black 88 SS
John bought it new in April of 1988 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is a "daily driver" with 246K miles on the odometer. No rust, no dings and no scratches, yet! Garage kept! The engine is a ZZ4 with the "Fast Burn" heads, LT4 "Hot" cam, Crower stainless steel 1.6 roller rockerarms, ARP 7/16" rockerarm studs, Crane chrome-moly pushrods with GM guideplates, Edelbrock polished Performer intake manifold with a 750cfm. Performer carburetor with electric choke, K&N 14"X 4" air filter, complete MSD ignition, Barry Grant mechanical fuel pump and a Holley mechanical fuel gauge. Torque converter is for a '92 Corvette with a "tight" 1500 rpm. stall speed. Transmission is a '92 Corvette 700-R4 built by B&M with a B&M "Hammer" shifter up above. Rearend is from a '87 Grand National with an Auburn "posi" unit inside with 3.73 gears. The exhaust travels through Edelbrock's TES headers that are "HPC" ceramic coated. The rest of the exhaust system if from Kenne-Bell's 2 1/2" stainless steel pipes and DynaMax mufflers.
Engine, Carburetor Left Front, Left Front, Engine Left, B&M Hammer Shifter
Dave Schiff's 88 SS
in Shelton Ct. It has the original L-69 with Crane Rockers, K&N Filter, Accel Wires, cap, rotor ignition coil and plugs, American Racing Silver Nitro Wheels with BFGoodrich tires, Flowmasters, Edelbrock headers, 400 watt Alpine Stereo system, completely redone interior, plenty of chrome under the hood and everything polyurethane underneath.
Left Rear, Left Front
Kris Earls' White 88 SS from Machesney Park, IL.
Kris bought this white '88 SS in April of 2001 for just over $5,000 with 72K original miles on it. It has been stored throughout all of her winters. It's Kris' daily driver in the spring/summer months. Kris is the third owner, the first owner had a power moon roof installed. All original except moon roof, Flowmasters, and K&N airfilter. Kris plans to put headers and IROC wheels in 2002 and possibly a 2" Bell-Tech lowering kit later.
Right Side, Right Rear, Front.
Ryan Wade's Black 88 SS
Ryan has added a 406 sbc in the SS. It also has a 700-R4 racing tranny.
Front, Interior, Engine
Jeff Baker's Silver 88 SS
58K Miles.
Right Front
Alex Diaz's White & Saddle 88 SS in Huntington Park, CA
Shown with Alex's 88 SS is his brother Dave's 87 Aerocoupe (since sold) throughout these pictures. Alex's SS has an Edelbrock intake & TES with 3" exhaust and Flowmasters. He also put a Demon carb on it and Camaro SS rims. Alex, Dave and their brother Jose run their SS's with the webmaster (PaulC) at Irwindale Dragstrip. Great bunch of guys.
side by side, side by side, nose to nose, Dave's Aero Right, Alex's 88SS Right, nose to nose, Dave's Aero Left Front, side by side, Alex's SS Burnout 1, Alex's SS Burnout 2, Alex's SS Burnout 3, Alex's SS when he got it, Car show, Alex's SS Front, Alex's SS Right, Dave's Aero Right Rear, Dave's Aero Right
Donnie Sessions' Silver 88 SS from Sanford, Maine
Donnie's SS shown with granddaughter Laura. Donnie bought this car five years ago and had it repainted three years ago. It's all original, nothing added except new tires and wheels last year. It's also never seen snow since it's garaged every year on November 12, and taken back out when Donnie is sure winter is over, near the end of April usually. Donnie wouldn't part with it for a new one!!
Rodney Jaco's Black 88 SS
Power Mods: LT1 engine swap, Ported LT4 heads & intake, CC 224/230 camshaft, Crane gold rockers, BBK twin 58mm throttle body, K&N, Hedman headers, Flowmasters, T-56, Griffen 31x19 Radiator, Electric Fan, 200 Amp alternator
Handling: 2" drop springs/spindles up front, stock rear height(for now), PST polygraphite front end kit, PST sway bars, Koni shocks/struts, Russel steel braided lines, Power Stop cross drilled rotors
Dynoed: HP 353@6300 TQ 321@5200, New dyno #'s on the way(expecting 400rwhp with current mods)
Rodney uses the nick name "Dark Ember" on the Message Board.
New Tyler Stoub's Silver 88 SS
Tyler's SS has 98,000 miles on it.
New Ken Clawson's White 88 SS
No other information provided. Rear, Front, Right Front, Left

87 Notchback SS Exhibit

Featured 87 Notchback: Steve Kesler's 87 SS
87 Notchback SS
Raymond's Black 87 SS
155K Miles, all stock except for fresh paint and stripes. Future plans include an LS1 when the L69 tuckers out.
David O's Silver 87 SS in New Jersy
Image #1, Image #2, Image #3
Bee's Silver 87 SS
46K Miles, American Racing Torq Thrust Wheels w/ BFG Touring T/A's (215/60's & 225/60's), Belltech 3" drop kit, Stock 305 HO V8, Flowmaster 3" exhaust, Alpine CD system
Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Unknown Owner 87/88 SS
Someone sent us these photos awhile back but we've lost who that was. If this is your 87/88 SS, please let us know and we'll put your information up here.
Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5
Jim Martin's 87 SS
in New Hampsire. Jim and his father have completely restored this SS. Upgrades include head machining, Crane Cam, headers, Edelbrock 650 Carb, true dual exhaust, fresh paint (diplomat blue). Side View
Jamie Rotella's 87 SS
after a run in with a Dodge Neon which was looking the wrong way. Kinda looks like it's sad huh? Looking down and all. As bad as it looks, the Neon lost the duel. Jamie just picked up a nice 85 SS with the insurance settlement. We're looking forward to seeing pictures of it eventually.
Kevin Krueger's Maroon 87 SS
88K Miles, T-tops Left Side, Interior, Right Side
Jeff's 87 SS
Brand new ZZ4 crate motor 350c.i.d 395 hp, Hedman hedders, TH350c tranny with stage lll shift kit. 3.901 posi rear, 750 cfm edelbrock carb, NOS, custom black cherry with metal flake paint.
Image 1 Image 2
Chris Svanda's 87 SS
Future plans: a bored out 350(355) with dual exhaust. Image 1, Image 2
Jim Ross's 87 SS
(For Sale) 16,800 Miles. $20K. Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Jeff (emSS) Whited's 87 SS
Recently restored by Jeff after it got totalled by the insurance company. Repainted in Sharkskin Silver(corvette color), GM decals(no sripes), New weatherstripping(Soffseal), New carpet, seat upholstery, headliner,(found Dark Claret cloth and had Darlinton Stripe(maroon/med. grey) inserts put in seats and doors to "liven" up the interior(sent pic), Walker SS tip exhaust. The special thing about this car is that it is a product of Almost all of the information & advice came from the site, links, or chat room ppl. Jeff want's to thank the online Monte Carlo SS community for helping out!
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Ginger Miller's 87 SS
67,000 miles. Driven about 1500 miles a year. Stored winters.
Side View
Pamela Hays' 87 SS
No other info.
Dan Hofferica's 87 SS
No other info.
Victor Minnick's 87 SS
Original tranny, rebuilt about 1,000 Miles ago. 92K miles on body, 35K on rebuilt stock engine. New tires, brakes, shocks, paint (grrr), entire exhaust (inc. Flowmasters), catalytic converter. K & N Air filter, Hypertech chip. Victor's user ID on the Message Board is "i987montecarloss"
Rear Quarter, Rear
Jason Olson's 87 SS
from Fort Worth TX. Jason's SS sports Custom paint, Bowtie "SS 305" side emblems, Center Line Aluminum Wheels and a Radar alarm system. Jason is currently preparing a 383 SBC featuring a fully forged (4340, J&E pistons) rotating assembly, full-roller valve train and Trick Flow 2.02/1.60", 64cc cast heads. The rest of the drive drain has not been addressed as of yet. Stay tuned for the addition of 300 extra horses!
Matt Bilz's 87 SS
Matt's SS has 162K Miles and is still running strong. It received a fresh coat of paint last summer. He only put the SS decals and bowtie back on. It is pretty much stock now except for the 3.5" tips and dynomax exhaust. The rims are 16x7" with 4" backspacing and 225/55's up front and the backs are 16x8" with 4" backspacing and 255/50's. Matt plans to throw in a ZZ4 crate motor, a 400 tranny and redo the suspension in the summer. He also has a 4" cowl waiting to be painted.
Image 2, Image 3
Baldo Santoro's White 87 SS
110K Miles. Baldo's SS has the original L69 engine which has been rebuilt (35K Miles). His SS recently underwent a 2 month restoration. A few of these pictures are from the Long Island car show Baldo recently entered and came away with second place!
Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5
Glen Blackstrom's 87 SS
Glen's SS has 97K Miles, true dual exhaust, Hypertech superchip and 1.6 ratio rockers. He purchased the SS back in March of 1994.
Rick Miraski's 87 SS
Rick is in the process of bringing this SS back from the dead. He obtained it from a scrap yard in New Jersey. The SS is now back in operating condition with a fresh 350 SBC under the hood and rebuilt transmission. Rick is very proud that all the work was done by his own two hands. Next on his agenda is body work and paint. We can't wait to see how it turns out. Congrats to Rick for saving this SS.
Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.
Carl Boney's 87 SS
Carl picked up his SS new in 1987 with only 2 miles on it. It currently has 65320 miles.
David Barbato's 87 SS
Upgrades include a new GM 350 crate engine, headers, new mandrel bent exhaust from front to rear, new paint, new Chrome Chevrolet Rally rims with Goodyear Eagle II tires, new rebuilt transmission with a Level 10 shift kit, new carpet and visors, new t-top gaskets and new weather stripping throughout the car. It also has the front end rebuilt. Most recent upgrade is an electric fan. The computer is still operational, but future plans include replacing the distributor and carburetor and do away with the computer. Another plan is to reupholster the seats. At this time, the engine only has 2,000 miles. The transmission is about the same...a little less. Image 2
Eric Marlowe's 87 SS
from Pelham, NH. Eric's SS has a brand new 350 ZZ4 block that was bored .60 over, with World Products Sportsman II heads. It has the original 200R4. It has 3.42 Grand National posi rear end, Hooker headers, Holley fuel pump, mini starter, Sterns high volume water pump, Edelbrock 650 carb, a mild cam. The exaust has Dynomax race mufflers, 2 high flow cats to pass inspections, with the race readies. Although you can't see the hood in the pictures, it's a Harwood 3.5 cowl. The car is mint, no rust or rot, with 100,000 miles on the body. The car is for sale, because Eric has to go to school and he can't bring it with him. If interested, Email Eric at:
Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10, Image 11
Breand's 87 SS
All stock except for the Pearl White paint and Flowmasters. 98K Miles and turned a 15.8 @ 85 MPH. Unfortunately, Breand's SS was stolen in Cleveland on September 20th, 2001 and not yet recovered.
Jim Brady's White 87 SS
Here are pics of Jim Brady's 87 SS with T-Tops, 383 TPI engine and 6 speed transmission. Interior w/ 6 speed, 383 TPI Engine.
Paul Contreras' Silver 87 SS
in Union City, CA. Paul's user ID on the message board is "Lokast2k1". Modifications include a Goodwrench 350, Edlebrock Performer #3701 intake, T.E.S. headers, 2.5 inch exhaust, dual Flowmaster 30 series mufflers, Eibach pro kit springs, 16X8" Iroc wheels, Stock SS wheels. Soon to have custom dual snorkle air cleaner using stock SS housing courtesy of "Canadian87SS" from the Message Board.
Right Side, Front Left, Front Left, Left Side, Front, Right w/ stock wheels, Left w/ stock wheels, Left Front, Left Side, Right Front
Hank Anderson's 87 SS
Original engine, 154K Miles, Original Interior, Purchased 11/23/00 for $2,200. Hank striped it down to bare metal day after it was purchased. Painted with PPG. New exhaust 2 1/5" with Flowmasters. Complete front end rebuild from PST. Wheels have been restored. The SS was lowered in front by cutting one coil from the springs, and in back by heating the springs up until the desired ride height was obtained. Hank plans on replacing the rear springs with the correct sized spring to keep the ride height. Hank says the car is a lot of fun to drive and I won 1st place in his class the first show that he entered.
Left Rear View, Left View, Front Left View.
Deann Baird's 87 SS
It was frame-off modified in 1992. A body shop owner got the body after it had been stripped of the engine and transmission. They redid everything. The interior was OK. They put a turbo-400 3 speed transmission and a rebuilt 1969 corvette 427 big block in it. It is rated at 400 hp and 460 ft. lbs. of torque. It has t-tops. It has 3:73 gears and positraction. It has 16" IROC wheels painted to match the beautiful Teal paint on the body. It has the transmission, gas tank and drive shaft painted to match. Deann is the 4th owner as near as they can tell. He has the documented mileage at 36000 actual miles. He also has a 2+ hour time line video of the restoration.
Interior, Left Engine, Right Engine.
Paul Fehrenbacher's 87 SS
in Evansville, Indiana. Paul purchased this excellent shaped SS in February of 2000. Paul put a set of American Racing "Slider" Wheels on the SS and BFGoodrich Radial TA's on it.
Steve & Kelly Conley's 87 SS
Their SS has a 350 under the hood breathing out Edelbrock headers and Flowmaster mufflers. Its stance is compliments of Bell Tech drop spindles, springs and nitro shocks. It has black paint with purple graphics including an airbrushed bowtie behind the front wheels. The interior is still stock, but not for long. Left Front View
Charles' 87 SS
Charles' SS is all stock except for a new exhaust. He bought the SS in October of 2001. Eventually he wants to put slicks on it, a thumpin stereo system, a new paint job and a few other small things.
Left Side View, Rear View.
Kevin Hersh's 87 SS
Kevin's 87 SS has remote mirrors, tilt steering, cruise, pulse-delay wipers, am/fm Cassette, manual windows and door locks, dealer installed alarm (thick cable with what looks like a dryer plug attached, and 3.73 posi. The car origianlly had a grey interior, but it's a recovered stolen that was bought from the insurance company. The interior was replaced with a burgandy gut, until Kevin can find seats and upper door panels. Best of all, it only has 24K on the clock. It drives like a brand new car. Wheels are mint and have Goodyear Eagle GT's. There was a brand new SS aluminum wheel with Goodyear Eagle GT in the trunk that has never seen the road surface.
Front, Right, Left, Right Front, Left, Right, Front Left.
Rick Underwood's 87 SS
in Augusta, GA. Rick found this SS in South Carolina. His twin brother has an 84 SS in the Florida Keys.
Matt Zipper's 87 SS
Matt haves a 14" Chrome Chevy air cleaner on the motor. The engine is a 350 small block. The exaust is a H pipe dual with the 2 chamber Flowmasters. The rear is a 3.73 posi. He has a shift kit in the tranny. Matt put a big 5 inch tac with a big shift light, and a B&M racing shifter in it. Since the picture was taken, he has had the car painted white, has a 4 inch open cowl hood, and added blue pin stripping.
Mike & Cindy Tribble's Silver 87 SS
T-top, cruise, air, tilt, 105,000km on all original car. New Goodyear NASCAR EAGLE 1-NASCAR 235-60's on front and 255-60's on back. They purchased the car in '99. Left Side
Josh Wise's White 87 SS
Josh purchase this SS back in December 2000. He paid $2000 for it. After the stock L69 blew, Josh dropped a 355 with a LT1 roller cam in. The SS also has Dynomax coated headers, Holley 600, True Dual exhaust, B&M Shift Kit, and an Electric Fuel Pump.
Rear, Right Side, Engine.
Alex Clark's Black 87 SS
Alex, who goes by "Dark Monte" on the Message Board, got this Monte when he was 16. It was white with T-Tops. He had all the weatherstripping redone as well as got a fresh gloss black paint job. He immediately started to give her a personality of her own. He has since added a K&N filter, neon, brand new interior, Sony and JL stereo, tinted windows, Flowmasters, and Eibach lowering springs. The wheels are American Racing Mantis 15x8"s with 235/60R15 front tires and 255/60R15 back tires. He plans in the future to add ground effects, a 383 stroker, and a 6 speed tranny.
Left Rear Close, Left Rear, Interior, Stereo, Interior, Front Left High, Front, Rear.
Rob Gallant's Maroon 87 SS
When Rob did the restore, he swapped the 305 for a 400 sbc pumping out 390 hp. Running headers and cross over dual exhaust, 2 1/2". The trans was rebuilt and beefed up a bit. The rear side windows have been removed. It came oem with the shift on the column. Rob installed the Monte console with a B&M Mega Shifter. It still has the 3.73 rear end. He plans on putting in a ram air system and tinkering with the trany, carb, and distributor some more.
Left Front, Left Side, Interior, Engine.
Chad Allen's 87 SS in Morris, NJ
T tops, 15" Crager SS Rims, Grant steering wheel, Dynomax high flow performance exhaust. 101K Miles. Sound system consists of 2 12" JBL Sub woofers and band pass box, Sony tape player and 6 disc CD changer. Kenwood amp. Two 31/2" Rockford Fosgate speakers in front and 6x9" in rear. Chad plans to soon add red neon ground affects, red rally tripes, Edelbrock carb, side pipe exhaust, 2" lowering kit for front end, MSD igniton set, cowl induction hood, Hearst shifter. Left Front
Keith Wilson's Black 87 SS
Keith, who goes by 'kw87ss' on the Message Board has owned this black 87 SS since January of 1989. It's 99.9% stock and is only driven on dry sunny days, or roughly 500 miles a year. Right Side
Chuck Scott's Maroon 87 SS
Chuck has wanted an SS since High School. Now, 10 years later, he has one. This SS is all original and has been well taken care of. He intends to have the engine completely rebuilt as close as possible to factory specs. Also the car will be receiving a new coat of paint while the interior will be getting a new facelift. Left Front
Dustin Mason's Black 87 SS
So far Dustin has put 15x8 Corvette rallys with Daton Daytona S/R. The car has 95 k miles. Engine mods include an alluminum intake, headers, K&N air filter, Torquer Heads. The transmission has a shift kit. Best time was a 14.22 in 1/4 mile. Future plans include a 383 stroker.
Left Side, Front Right, Wheels
Jonathan Sundquist's White 87 SS
113K miles. Everything in it is stock other then the radio currently. Future plans include shift kit, 350 engine, and lowered 2 inches.
Left Rear Close, Rear, Left Rear, Front
Starr Thevenin's Black 87 SS in West Virginia
Starr's SS has 76K miles. The fresh 406 has a 270 Magnum Comp Cam, Roller Rockers, Edelbrock Performer RPM, Edelbrock 600 Carb, 76 cc heads milled .020, Hooker Competition headers, and an Accel Super Coil. The tranny is now a 350 Turbo w/ B&M Shift kit, and the rear-end is an 8.5" 10 bolt w/ 3.42 gears, wheels are 15X8" Corvette Ralleys w/ new flat caps and beauty rings, exhaust consist of 2.25 inch galvalum pipe w/ dynomax muffs.
Right Rear, Left Side, Right Front
Ben Kostelny's Black 87 SS in Downers Grove, IL
Ben is the 4th owner of this beautiful Black/Saddle SS. He bought this car on February 12, 2000 w/ 68K miles. Car recently rolled 80K Miles. It's mostly stock. It has the split power bench with the colum shifter. He put Flowermaster 40 series mufflers, 3 inch pipes and new headers. It also has a set of Goodyear Eagle One NASCAR Edition tires.
Left Side, Right Side, Right Front, Right Side, Front, Right Rear, Right Side
Ceejaa Scutt's Black 87 SS
Ceejaa bought this car for $200 and has since put about $2200 into it. Mod's include true dual exhaust, straight pipes w/o converters, turbo mufflers, Hurst shift kit, new paint and stripes, $1000 stereo system, under body ground effects (lights), strobe lights and single stage open circut NOS.
Interior, NOS Setup
David Seramur's Black 87 SS in Central Wisconsin.
David's SS is black with maroon interior and is his daily driver. The engine is the stock 305 with 100K miles. It is stock with the exception of an aftermarket sunroof. Not too many other SS's rolling around in Central Wisconsin.
Right Front, Front
Jeff Hunt's Black 87 SS
Jeff's SS has less than 80K miles, is powered by a 383ci engine, and has a TH700-R4 rebuilt from 87 vette. It also has custom exhaust. Future upgrades will include phase 2 bowtie heads. The paint was replaced with base clear.
Left Rear, Front, Rear
Jeff Tolley's White/Saddle 87 SS
Jeff goes by the nickname "TURBO" on the message board. Right Side
Steve Kesler's Silver 87 SS
305 V8, 29,800 original miles, No modifications-all original. Fantastic pictures. Right Side
Leslie Meischke's Black 87 SS
Leslie got it for free after the owners ex-girlfriend ran it into a ditch, blew the motor and let it sit in a field for 2 years. 149K miles on the car, 9K of which are on the 1 year old 305. Leslie has pretty much replaced all of the internal stuff, now just saving up for a new front end and a paint job which will about make it a brand new car.
Rob Cusmano's Maroon 87 SS
Rob bought this from a party in New Jersey. They wouldn't say why they were selling but his guess was that they thought there was a serious problem with it. There was a loud hum coming out of the car when Rob took it for a test ride, so much that the seller turned the stereo up so he might not notice (he did, but didn't say a thing). Rob knew it was the rear. After he bought the car he confirmed the pinion was missing a tooth. He bought a junkyard rear for $85 and 2 hours later the car ran beautiful. The body is in real good shape and the car has 120K on the odometer. He spent $80 on parts for a tune up and now has a great daily driver for only $2000. Bet the guy would feel dumb now if he knew he could fix the car for $85.
Right Front, Right Side, Right Rear, Right Rear High, Left Front High
John Horan's White 87 SS in Albany, NY. 14K miles.
New Terrance Crooms' 87 SS in Jersey City, NJ.
350 engine, headers, Edelbrock carb and intake, and Flowmaster exhaust.
New Deann White's Black 87 SS
New James Werner's White 87 SS
James' SS is all original except Corvette rallys with the wheels painted the same code 11 as the car, tinted windows, maroon int. 56,000 miles. This photo was taken at car show in kentucky where he took 2nd place!!
New Brian Hill's Silver 87 SS, Inman, SC
Brian bought his 87 SS new in Ft. Worth, TX in October, 1986. It's all original, except for the K&N air filter, Blaukpunt CD player and exhaust tips. 119K miles. Garage kept the last 16 years, but he uses it as regular vehicle, putting approximately 10K per year on it. He has had to replace the intake manifold gasket twice on this vehicle. Original paint, Goodyear Eagle GT II tires. Left Side, Right Side
New Baldo Santoro's White 87 SS
No other information provided. Right Side, Right Rear, Left Side
New Jessica Roberts' Black 87 SS in Barrie Ontario
Her dream car!
New Dennis Cirolia's White 88 SS
Dennis's SS has 90000 miles, 305 engine, t-tops, and cragar street star rims- 7" in front and 8" in rear. He is the third owner and has owned it for three years. The car orininally came from Florida. Dennis is a site benefactor! Thanks Dennis! Left Rear

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