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Update: March 31st, 2006

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86 Notchback SS Exhibit

Featured 86 Notchback: Keith Lindmeyer's 86 SS
86 Notchback SS
Paul Baumgart's Black 86 SS
Paul purchased his 86 SS in September of 98' and since then has restored the body and repainted along with some interior work. The main modifications so far include Dynomax cat-back exhaust, 8.5' 3.42 posi rear end from a 87' Grand National, B&M shift kit in the otherwise stock 200-4R and 17"x8" American Racing Torque Thrust 2 wheels. Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks on all corners. Also Global West tubular upper a-arms with 1LE 12" brakes and aluminum drums in rear. Future plans feature a LT1/T-56 among many other things.
Left Side, Rear
Right Rear, Left Side, Interior, Interior
John D's 86 SS
in Massachusetts. 96K Miles, L69 Engine, Recent full body restoration.
Jeff Taggart's 86 SS
Image 2, Image 3,
Tyler's 86 SS
with 15x8 Ultra Wheels, Flowmaster Exhaust, and original stock L69. Side View
Randy Roeder's 86 SS
in North Dakota. It has a GM high performance 330hp 350 vortec crate motor, Edelbrock Performer intake and carb. The wheels are ROH Snypers with 235/60/15 cooper cobra tires. He has installed a Clarion CD player and Pioneer speakers. Future plans include shorty headers and true dual exhaust. 3/4 View, Engine View
Terri's "Naughty 86 SS"
Terri recently purchased her "Naughty SS", fullfilling a long love affair with the 4th Generation SS. She loves driving around showing the guys that real girls drive a muscle car! Yeah.. that's chrome tail light trim.. go ahead and remind Terri it isn't original.. I dare ya! That's one of the sins of the previous owner that Terri plans on making right. View 2, View 3, View 4, View 5
Dan's 86 SS
147K Miles.  The rebuilt 305 balaned by Schmidt automotive. It has flat top FM pistons, 327 heads, and the Edelbrock Performer air gap manifold and an edelbrock 600 cfm carb. Stereo: Pioneer CD player and two JL audio 12' subs and a Rockford amp. Dan just turned 16. Image
Bill's 86 SS
in Corpus Christi, Texas. Image 1, Image 2
Hennessy's 86 SS
90K Miles, 3rd owner, headlight covers.
Robert Nebinger's Maroon 86 SS
67K Miles, stock L69, accell wires and plugs, open air element, updated sound system.
Tom Wolinski's Silver 86 SS
Tom is 18 years old, and attending New York State University of Oneonta.
Ben Schweich's Burgundy 86 SS
Paul picked this SS up in June of 2000 from a salvage yard for $500. He's got it back in tip-top shape. He's added Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Performer Carb, valve covers, air cleaner and vacuum advance distributor. He also replaced the bench seat with buckets and a center console.
Brian Blome's 86 SS
in Des Moines, IA. Brian has been an SS fan since age 11. At 20 he picked up this nice 86 SS and is planning to drop in a 350 engine, upgrade the suspension, transmission, exhaust and interior. A new paint job is in the future too.
Image 2, Image 3, Image 4.
Dave Albright's 86 SS
Completely stock, just new paint, tires and exhaust, decals.
Matt Ferrara's 86 SS
238K miles with original engine and transmission. Holley performance kit, Edelbrock performer II aluminum intake manifold, high flow aluminum water pump and aluminum radiator, B&M shift kit, Free flow exhaust with Dynomax super turbo mufflers, T-Force Torque Converter Controller, 30,000lb. transpak transmission cooler, TCI High performance Ignition system, Rancho performance springs, Rancho shocks and urethane bushings front and rear, 15x8.5 American Racer outlaw I aluminum wheels with 265/50ZR15 Goodyear gatorbacks, Cross drilled Front and Rear disk Brakes, Twin B&M 16inch Electric Cooling Fans, K&N FilterCharger, stage three hypertech performance chip, and a Recaro Racing seat.
Carlo DiLuzio's 86 SS
It has 104K miles but there is really nothing else special about it, other than the condition I keep it in. There are no modifications to it, and he doesn't think he will ever make any because he wants to keep it in stock form to uphold its beauty and value.
Mark Kissinger's 86 SS
Mark's SS has only 70,000 miles, with a 700r4 tranny with shift kit, B&M Mega Shifter, chrome air cleaner and chrome chevrolet valve covers, Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers, hollowed out cat., and a pioneer cd player, and of course the wheels.
Stacey Dennis's 86 SS
Stacey's SS has a 350 in it and it is her everyday driver. It is her first car (she's 16). She absolutly loves it. Although you can't see it in the pics she has dice door looks and dice value covers and dice in her rear view mirror. This summer Stacey's mom and her are really going to fix it up. As you can see in the picture, my dog Bracket loves to ride around with Stacey.
Tyler Krecklow's 86 SS
Tyler is 19 years old. He has owned his 1986 SS for two years now. Since that time he has put a new 305 engine in it, but has saved the original L69 and is in the process of rebuilding it. The exhuast is all new 2.5" stainless from the cat back ending in the chrome tips. The body work was performed in the summer of 1999. The whole body was stripped down to bare metal and any panels with hint of rust were replaced. Tyler decided not to put the striping back on for the fact of #1 cost and #2 looks. The interior is all original, with the exception of the stereo. The stereo includes a Clarion Pro Audio head unit, Clarion Pro Audio 3.5" speakers in the dash, Pioneer Premier 6x9's in the rear and Orion Extreme 5.25" component speakers in the kick panels. He has shown it at a couple local shows and has received 1st once and a third place. Future plans include embroidering the headrest's with the SS symbol from the doors and re-installing the L69. Image 2, Image 3
Tim Drake's 86 SS
127K mile daily driver, looks good, runs GREAT. Fresh 350, 10.25:1, 300+HP. Future plans call for major restoration. Image 2
Ed Jonoubeh's 86 SS
in Santa Fe, NM (For Sale). 400+ HP Crate 350 SBC, 700-R4 Tranny, 3.73 gears. Over $10K invested, asking $8500. Can Deliver. Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5
Chris Clark's 86 SS
140K Miles. The original L69 has an open K&N intake, rebuilt Q-Jet, performance Holley fuel pump, Hooker full length headers running into a 2 1/2" exhaust with two Flowmasters and then routed out in front of the back tires. He also installed a B&M Megashifter. Chris is currently building a 383 stroker and doing a "bulletproof" rebuild on the 200-4R tranny. Other future mods include posi rear-end, Centerline wheels, new paint job and an 8.5 GN rear-end. Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5
Richard Valle's 86 SS
65K Miles. Modifications include 2.5" exhaust with 2 chamber Flowmasters, Hyperchip (Thermomaster), B&M Stage II, and replaced TCC Solenoid. Image 2,
Mike Seidle's 86 SS
in Birdsboro, PA. Message Board User ID: Quicksilver, Registry #502.
Original L69 engine, B&M shift kit, Performance tune on the Q-Jet, K&N open element filter, Edelbrock intake, Accel Cap & high voltage coil, Dynomax exhaust, Random Technonogies high flow cat, JET Stage II chip, 2" Bell Tech drop spindles, 245/60 rear tires. Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5
Bruce Cowie's 86 SS
Bruce is the second owner on this one. It is strictly original. Some things have been changed on engine. It has a 305HO. It has 97,400 miles (been to Texas 5 times, Arizonia 5 times and Pennsylvania once). It has new Flomasters and exhaust pipes. He also added a 100 Watt power booster with 10 speakers. Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6
Rod & Pres Dueck's 86 SS
The Dueck's SS car was originally purchased for my Pres as a wedding gift. Since then they have raised our 3 children in this car (who says you need a minivan!). It is Black with the maple interior. The stripes were removed immediately for a more menacing appearance. The engine is the original block with a bore job (9.21), comp cam, ported & 4 angle valvejob heads, 800 cfm quadrajet jetted and modified idle bleeds to smooth out the idle with the big cam. Its exhausted through 1 5/8" alumacoat headers down 2 1/4 pipes out turbo mufflers. The 200-4R tranny is from a 87 capprice with a trailer package. It uses a lower stall than the original but it gives them more throttle control when driving the twistys through the mountains. It has turned a best of 13.70 @ 97.8 mph, and got 26 mpg on the 3 hour drive home! They love the car but circumstances have dictated that they must sell it and replace it with a full size truck (gasp!). Image 2
Jeremy Taynor's 86 SS
Jeremy's SS has new silver paint, retains the stock 305 with Edelbrock Performer intake, 600 cfm Edelbrock carb, Heddman headers, flowmaster exaust, and no emissions stuff to choke it. He is in the process of building a 355 with Vortec heads, RPM intake, headers, Lunati 292 cam, Eagle rods, Comp Cams roller rockers, and comp springs, hopefully nearing 400 hp and 400 ft/lb of torque. The tranny will be a TH-350 with shift kit and 2400 stall converter. Image 2
Rich Watters' 86 SS
in Illinois. Rich just picked up this SS and he plans on putting it back to stock trim as soon as the funds allow. Right now it has a Turbo 350 transmission and after market wheels. The engine is the L69. The speedo has 66K miles and the body is in tip top shape. Image 2
Back to stock wheels and an '87 200-4R tranny. Updated Picture: Left Front
Eric MacDonald's 86 SS
Eric's SS is listed in the Registry under record #471. Image 3 also shows his friends modified 86 SS along with Eric's. Warning, it's a very high quality, large size image. Image 2 Image 3
Anthony Ibanez's 86 SS
from the San Francisco Bay area. Fresh paint, limo tints, chrome 17 inch rallys and enough heat out of the 305 to give you a sun burn. Front View
Bob Stanley's 86 SS
Completely stock except a true dual exhaust added. Side View
Greg's 86 SS
Greg's SS has a stock 305(L69) with 74,000 original miles. Modifications include: Accel plugs and wires, Edelbrock open element air cleaner with K&N filter, Edelbrock chrome valve covers with chrome tie downs, and an Accel distributor cap.
Tim Kramer's 86 SS
69K Miles. All Stock. Interior
Michael Audette's Black 86 SS
Michael's SS is listed as entry #703 in the SS Registry. Right Front, Right Rear.
Frank Sheehan's 86 SS
As you can see, Frank's SS is currently undergoing a frame-off restoration. You'll be seeing more images of Frank's SS as it continues through the restoration. Stay tuned!
Derek Watty's White 86 SS
This is Derek's first car, being 16 when he purchased it. It has original white paint and stripes, T-tops with all new seals, 150k miles. Derek has installed a Flowmaster exhaust system, a viper keyless entry alarm system, an Eclipse CD head unit and replaced the front and rear speakers with Eclipse Speakers. In the future Derek plans on adding a pair of subs. When he leaves for college his Dad will be taking over and plans on having a 350 installed over the original 305, as well as getting a custom leather interior to replace the original interior.
Front Left, Interior, Interior, Head Unit.
Joe Wardell's Black 86 SS
Joe goes by "Hoserfive" on the Message Board. Joe's SS is black over grey and has 87K miles. It's unrestored and has every option except T-tops. Modifications include a K&N filter, MSD6A Box, D.U.I. S/S Coil Kit, Hypertech thermal chip, and a Transgo shift kit.
Front Left, Engine, Interior.
Matthew Lawrence's Black 86 SS
Matthew's SS has a 350 Goodwrench crate engine, 200-R4 tranny, 3.73 posi rear end (with new alburn diff), Edlebrock Performer intake, Holley headers, K&N Air filter, stock Q-Jet carb, 2.5 inch exhaust, Flowmaster mufflers, Pioneer CD player, Rockford Fosgate amp, and 2 ten inch Mobile Authority subs.
Left Front, Front, Left
Jason McPherson's White 86 SS from LaCrosse, WI.
These are pictures of Jason's White with Burgandy interior SS when he was rearended by a drunk driver in a Neon on Friday the 13th of October, 2000. Jason was 17 at the time. It had the Stock 305 with a 125 shot of NOS. Front accident scene.
Arek Tolak's White 86 SS
Arek's 86 SS has 140K miles on it. He recently put in a B&M Megashifter. He also had 2.5" pipes, 40 series Flowmasters, high flow cat and 3" stainless steel tips added. A grant steering wheel and headlight covers were also added. Other than that everything is stock. Future Plans: Window tinting, paint job, cowl hood, fog lights, NOS, sound system, a 350, and some interior work.
Right Front Low, Right Front High, Left Side, Left Rear, Front Low, Left Front Night, Interior, Burnout Animated GIF
Rob Kortlang's Black 86 SS
Rob goes by "Dilbert" on the Message Board and Chat Room. Rob's 86 SS has 350 engine with a Compucam kit, Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 650 CFM double pumper carb, Holley fuel pump, MSD ignition, Moroso spark plug wires, K&N air filter, Flowtech jet coated headers, True dual exhaust, 2 chamber Flowmasters, 3.73 10 bolt posi rear, Suspension Tech springs, KYB shocks and under-car neon kit by Street Glow (RED).
Engine, Left Front, Front
Kelly Dunlop's Maroon 86 SS
Kelly, who goes by "Kelly D" on the message board, bought this SS in June of 2001 after an exhaustive search for the right one. He sure came up with a beauty, with only 30K miles on it.
Left Front, Left Rear, Right Rear
Michelle Barroca's Silver 86 SS from Vancouver, BC, Canada
Michelle's SS was we just recently restored. She bought it two years ago as a graduation gift after finishing her degrees at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). When she bought "The Beast", it needed some mechanical work and bodywork - badly. Being a car from the interior of British Columbia, it had quite a bit of rust on the body. They replaced the trunk lid, both doors, right fender, and put on a factory front bumber. They repainted it stock silver, had reproduciton stickers put on, and found the stock rims. Mechanically, they had the transmission and carborator rebuilt, installed new exhaust and Rhino mufflers, converted the air conditioner, replaced the heater core, and the brakes. It has 183,000 kms (112K miles) on the original engine. It is a sweet machine and she loves it!
Left Rear, Left
Kevin Bargielski's Silver 86 SS
Kevin's SS has been redone with 15x8 Centerline Telstar wheels and 235/60r15 rubber all the way around. The 305 H.O is a little modified with headers, cam, carb, intake, dynomax super turbos, and the front end is rebuilt with polygraphite suspension parts from PST. The color is charcoal gray with the light gray interior. Future mods will be a modified 350, possibly drop spindles and springs and a cowl hood.
Left Side
Davin Tikkanen's Black 86 SS
18 year old Davin owns this very nice 86 SS with 105K miles. He just put the original wheels on it and some new tires. He was going to enter it into the local car show, but it got totaled the week before because someone ran a stop sign.
Right Front, Totalled, Totalled
Andrew Clough's Black 86 SS
Andrew's SS has 130K miles, Flowmaster dual exaust, K&N air filter, underdrive pulleys, Hypertech performance chip, new paint, no rust. He plans a 350ci engine swap in the future.
Keith Lindmeyer's Maroon 86 SS
Keith just finished restoring his SS last summer. It is a completly stock 1986 Monte SS. \ Mileage is unknown. He had it redone in the factory burgundy metallic using PPG base coat clear coat. Keith goes by the nickname "Tazracing" on the Message Board.
Right Rear, Right Rear, Left Front, Left,
Jorge Rivera's Black 86 SS
Jorge is the 3rd owner and this is his first car. He worked all summer with his uncle to fix it up. Jorge is a fan of old muscle cars and has no plans of ever selling his SS. Future plans call for a modified 350ci engine with 3" Flowmaster dual exhaust.
Left Rear
Michael Papillo's White 86 SSin Dover, DE
Michael's SS has almost 200K miles on it. It is completely stock except for the Cragar Pro Star wheels. Michael is the original owner. He has shown the car and received a couple of trophys for it. He hopes to have it for many more years.
Leo Paugh's White 86 SS
Leo and wife are the second owners of this excellent looking SS. They purchased it from their neighbor for $1500! Leo goes by the nick name "86ttop" on the Message Board.
Left Side
Gary Kriz's Maroon 86 SS
Gary's SS is stock except for removal of all stripes and logos (replaced with black 2002 "Monte Carlo" script, and red "SS"). American racing "NASCAR" rims, Firestone Firehawk SS20 235/60/15 all around, in-progress sound system. 56K miles. Lowered with Eibach sport springs. Gary goes by the nick name "garyjc" on the Message Board.
Right Rear, Right Front, Right Side
Mark Tonazzi's Maroon 86 SS
Burgundy interior, 350 4-bolt, Dynomax coated headers, 2.5 in. true duals, B&M 700-R4, B&M Hole Shot 2400 Stall Converter, Auburn POSI. 300K on the original 305, 357K miles to date.
New Dave Jacques' Black 86 SS
New Jonathan Finchum's Black 86 SS from Dandridge, TN
Jonathan's SS has a maroon interior with bucket seats. The 305 is original with 113K miles. The only modification to the engine is a set of Eldelbrock headers and true duel exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers.
Front, Right Front, Left
New Robin Hibbs' Black 86 SS in Canada
Robin purchased the car back in June of 1994 from the original owner, and to-date has made but a few subtle upgrades to the vehicle. Back in 1984 he saw a Monte Carlo SS driving by and from that first "sighting" he knew he had to have one, even though he was just 14 at the time!! Now 35, he's been a proud owner for almost 12 years and looking forward to many more enjoyable years ahead. Aside from the few upgrades, the car is original. It has 108K kms on the odometer.
New Jim Kelley's Maroon 86 SS from Attleboro, MA
This is Jim's 1986 monte ss. It has a small block 350 with a 530 roller cam 1.6.5 roller rockers. Its very fast and he is still doing work. Jim's next upgrade is a TH-400 with a 3500 stall. Engine
New Jeff Smith's Maroon 86 SS
Jeff bought his 86 SS on December 31st, 2004 in Columbus Ohio. It has the stock 305 L69 motor in it. It has 71,000 original miles on it and the interior and parts are original from the factory. He is in the process of restoring it. He's put flowmaster 40 series mufflers on it so far.

85 Notchback SS Exhibit

Featured 85 Notchback: chris Dixon's 85 SS
85 Notchback SS
Mark Tonazzi's 85 SS
It's completely stock with only 51K Miles. Mark is the second owner. The SS never sees snow and is stored covered. Notice the original Goodyear Eagle GTs!
Ramiro Lopez's 85 SS
48K Miles. Stock engine, transmission, posi-rear, T-Tops. Modifications include: Edelbrock Performer Intake, TES Headers, Flowmaster Exhaust, Accel cap/rotor/wires/coil.
Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Bob Nibbe's 85 SS
in Colorado. 48K Miles, original paint, Sunday driven only.
Bill Warner's 85 SS
in York, PA. L69 engine, Edelbrock TES headers, 2.5" true dual exhaust, Centerline Autodrags (15x10" with Dunlop 275/60s in rear; 15x7" with Dunlop 215/65s in front). Bill uses custom spring mounts in the rear to fit those huge meats under there.
Jesse's 85 SS.
Pauly Swaringim's White 85 SS
166K Miles. Image 1, Image 2
Dan's White 85 SS
in Massachusetts
Doug Lutes' White 85 SS
Unfortunately, this beautiful 85 SS was totalled. Doug purchased an 88 SS with the insurance money. See pictures of his 88 SS in the 88 SS section. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6
Pete's Maroon 85 SS
Pete is crew chief for Karl Fredrickson who run's an 84 SS in street class at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire. Picture of Pete's SS next to Rick's Race car and Derek's (Pete's son) White 86 SS.
Pam Gosewehr's 85 SS
It's been repainted burgundy, roses etched on the side windows and scripted with a trust me rose. Future plans include a 454 engine!
Left rear quarter
Left front quarter
Left side
Shane Spencer's 85 SS
aka "The Beast". Aluminum intake, Edelbrock 600 carb, GM blueprint cam, flowmasters. Wheels are Crager Superlite II's with Cooper Cobra 245/60/15's on the rear and 225/60/15's on the front.
Chris Meyer's 85 SS
An unusual shot of Chris's SS when it was jacked up 4 inches front and rear. It's back to normal ride height now.
Marco Piacenza's 85 SS
Marco's SS has a 327 in it now, brand new paint, custom stereo system, stock wheels painted black, and flowmaster mufflers. Left Front, Burnout!
Greg S's 85 SS
Greg's SS has a redone 400 engine bored 30 with dart heads and intake, 750 holley carb, forged pistons and edelbrock headers. He replaced the transmission with a TH350 turbo street/ strip version. He also modified the interior, swapping in bucket seats for the original bench. He's also installed a B&M MegaShifter. Its best run at this point was 13.6 at 104.6 MPH.
Image 2, Image 3
Greg added a 3600 B&M Holeshot converter, Ram Air box with a K&N filter, Summit's 90/10 front drag shocks, upgraded my stereo with 12" sub woofer and 200 watt MTX power amp, new best time 12.6 @ 107.67 mph with a 1.7 60 ft time Right, Engine, Right Rear
Difrancesco's 85 SS
Difrancesco recieved this car on the June 23rd, 2001. It is completely stock right now and has 164k miles. Plans for a complete engine rebuild are in the immediate future along with some body work and new paint.
Joey's 85 SS
in Philly. Joey's SS has a 350 Vortec engine, 2.5" Hooker exhaust with turbo mufflers, Hurst Quarter-Stick shifter and Autometer gauges built into the passenger side dash. Front, Interior.
Kevin Sidey's 85 SS
in Ontario, Canada. White (originally black, painted by previous owner) with burgundy interior, Goodwrench 350 retaining all stock equipment, 200-4R transmission, Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, 15x7 1981 Z28 wheels, 215/65-15 front and 245/60-15 rear BFG's. Kevin goes by "85_SS" on the Message Board. Front Left, Left Rear, Engine Bay.

Kevin recently installed a new 350 Goodwrench engine. He also fabricated a dual snorkel air cleaner. Also some new interior shots.
Engine Front, Engine Left, Engine Right, Interior Left, Interior Right.
Bob Gentile's Black 85 SS
in Pittsburgh PA. It has 75,000 on the stock L69 engine. Bob got the car pretty much in this condition in July 2001 after his 88 Cutlass was stolen in March 2001. The tranny was recently rebuilt after it blew up. The options this car has are, tilt, cruise, dual remote mirrors, bucket seats, power windows, power locks and T-Tops. There are not many mods yet. The wheels came with the car, although they were a mess. It also had flowmaster exhaust on it when he got it. He also got a stock chromed air cleaner lid, headlight covers, T-Top guage holder. He plans on tinting all the windows, cleaning up under the hood really nice, get a hypertech chip, a set of underdrive pullies, a new GM front nose, and some 235/15/60's all the way around. Also some GP braces from the junkyard. The car is being repaired after it was broken into in late November. The door and trunk face are being repaired and painted. Had a column lock on it so they only got the radio. It's going straight to the alarm shop after the paint shop. Bob goes by the nick "88 Cutty Classic" on the Message Board. Front Left
Doug Southall's White 85 SS from Cottageville, WV
Doug purchased my SS in Feb. 2001, It now has 139K miles on the 305 HO and 200R4 transmission, It still runs well, but he hopes to have the engine rebuilt by the summer of 03. He took a drastic change and painted the SS white (from Maroon). His wife pressured him into the change and now he would have to agree with her it does look alot better than before.
Left Front, Front, Driver's Door, Rear, Right Side, Right Front
Kevin Radcliffe's Black 85 SS
Kevin purchased it for $1300. It's in pretty good shape for a 1300 dollar NY car. It's loaded with power windows/locks/trunk release, Kenwood CD player with 100 watt amp and aftermarket speakers. It also has a moonroof. It has original 305 motor with stock everything. The only thing changed is the exhaust, which isn't drastic, just cat back dual instead of the stock y pipe exhaust, which leaves a nice low rumble. Kevin is 18 and this is a dream come true. He started out with another G-body, a 86 regal limited, so his dream was to own a SS or a GNX, but he prefers the V8's so it worked out well. Right Front, Front Left.
Updated Images: Front, Rear.
Lyle Hayden's Black 85 SS
Lyle's 1985 SS has a stock 305 H.O. and only 32,000 original miles. Garage kept. Soon to have Edelbrock TES headers, Edelbrock Intake, Accel Dist, and Comp Cam. Also soon to be painted. But stripes and decals must stay!!!!
David Schmidt's 85 SS
David's SS is 406-powered. TH350, 3.73 with locker, true "dual" exhaust w/H-pipe, 16x8 Centerlines, 245/50-16 front, 255/50-16 rear, over $2500 in 1400 watt stereo. Lowered with Bell Tech drop spindles, springs and nitro shocks. Shown in Nov. 2001 issue of Car Craft "Reader's Rides". Left Side, Smoke Show!.
John Keskes' Silver 85 SS
John goes by '383ss' on the Message Board. His SS has been in the family since new! It has 84K original miles with 12K miles on the 383. Nothing happened with the original motor, he just wanted to go real fast! And it's a blast to drive!
Ron Liegl's Black 85 SS in Lawrenceville, GA.
Ron bought his SS new in July, 1985. it has 217K original miles with the stock L69 and he's never been inside the engine. Garage kept its whole life. Stolen twice and recovered both times (1998 & 2000). Used to be his wife's daily driver but no more! He drives it occasionally to work and on weekends (but not in rain). Painted once in 1999. Wheels are American Racing 15x8" Outlaw II's. Grey interior. Headliner & sun visors redone in 1997. Kenwood indash CD, Infinity 3x5's front, Pioneer 4x10's rear with 50 watt MTX amp. Complete new 2 1/2" stainless exhaust with new cat. So far, 2 alternators, 1 water pump, 1 radiator, rebuilt rearend, 2 transmission rebuilds, 1 quadajet rebuild. 75% of first 150K miles were long distance interstate driving all over the Southeast. Plans for 2002 are original L69 rebuild (cam is wore out) and new steering box. Ron has loved this car since new. He says it's the best GM vehicle he's ever owned!
Tim Eddy's Maroon 85 SS from Indianapolis, IN.
This was Tim's first car. He was the second owner. This beauty had just over 100K miles when he first bought it, but ran like it was brand new. Engine, tranny, rims, body, and paint were all untouched. The only modifications to it were a K&N air filter, and an aluminized exhaust (true duals) from the manifolds back. The 2 1/4" pipes were customed fit, powder coated black (from front to back), and equipped with dual flowmasters. Eddy has since bought an 86 SS. You can find pictures of that SS in the Modified Exhibit. Interior
Chad and Lynne Anderson's 85 SS
The Anderson's SS has 164K miles, with 8,560 miles on a rebuilt motor. Modifications and additions to the motor include a rebuilt 305 with larger cam shaft, shaved heads, new pistons and rings, with chrome Edelbrock valve covers, air cleaner cover, timing chain cover and Accel spark plug wires. The engine block is chevy orange. Some of the superficial additions are the chrome American Racing rims with BFG's, the 3.5" chrome tips with straight dual exhaust. The windows are tinted to 20%. They replaced the shifter and pedals with carbon fiber pedals and a carbon fiber shifter. It is also equipped with a CD player with a 400 watt MTX amp and two 15" MTX Subs. After Picture
Ron Abbott's Black 85 SS
"MonteRon" on the Message Board and Chat channel. Member New Jersey Monte Carlo Club
Right Front, Right Front, Left Front w/ White SS, Left Front, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Front close, Engine, Interior, Interior - Radio, Left Front, Rear w/ White SS
Chris Dixon's Black 85 SS
Chris's SS is completely original down to the original tires. He purchased it on 5/3/02, when he was 15 years old. He hopes to get Edelbrock headers and Flowmaster exhast. Chris really loves the car, and even his import buddies think it's mean.
Josh Graham's Black 85 SS from New Braunfels, TX
Josh has owned this SS since he was a sophomore in high school. His dad bought it brand new in 85 and drove it off the lot. It was mostly a family car till Josh got it. Ever since he got his hands on it, he is always tweaking something here and there looking for some extra HP. But now he is looking for some serious HP. Josh plans on adding red SS decals later, along with a 2" cowl induction hood. The mods on the car right now include Flowmaster exhaust with 2 1/4" by 22" long echo tips, Accel distributor. Future mods are 383 stroker with World Products Sportsman 2 heads, Edelbrock AirGap Intake, Hooker Headers, true duals, MSD Ign., Th400 tranny 3.83 rear end with posi. and 16x8 245/50 front and 255/50 rear.
Blaine Rampulla's 85 SS
Blaine's SS is column shifted with a bench seat and has T-tops. The car is stock with 146K miles. The only custom touches are the Black Cherry Pearl paint (with the GM stripe kit re-applied) and the 86 SS wheels.
Justin Thrasher's Burgundy 85 SS in West Palm Beach, FL
350ci engine with Edelbrock Intake, 650 Edelbrock carb., 45K miles.
Zack Millard's Maroon 85 SS
Zack's SS has a GM ZZ4 350 355hp and 405 lb/ft tq, K&N open element, Edelbrock TES headers, cat, and Torque Tech 2.5" cat-back w/ FLowmaster 40's, Edelbrock 850 cfm Performer carb, "built" 200-4R out of a GN W/ 2500 stall converter, 3.73 pegleg rear. Zack goes by "Z. Millard" on the message board.
Rear, Right, Engine, Engine
Matt McDaris' Silver 85 SS
Matt's SS has a 310 block, painted chevy orange, chrome Chevrolet valve covers, chrome Edelbrock air cleaner, K&N filter, glasspack exhaust, American Racing Outlaw 2 wheels, Pioneer stereo system with a Pioneer head unit cd player, two 8" midrange speakers and amp in the back, Bulldog alarm system, chrome exhaust tips, new tires, new paint. Future mods include a Flowmaster exhuast system with headers and a cowl hood.
Left side, Left rear, Engine
Chris Gibbs' Black 85 SS in B.C. Canada
almost stock, besides 600cfm edelbrock performer, and intake, and stage 2 shift kit in a 350 3 speed, and 373's in the rear Chris's SS has 67k original miles. 2.5" Straight pipes with tips, 305 for now with a 600cfm Edelbrock Performer carb, Performer intake, K&N, shorty headers, MSD 6AL ignition, turbo 350 with stage 2 B&M shifter and 373's. Phantom top, did have flake paint, lowered, American Racing 17" Eagle rims, 245/45r17 tires and leather seats from a newer Tiberon. Soon paint will come the the new engine.
Right Rear, Left rear, Engine
Chris Grillo's Maroon 85 SS
Chris's maroon 85 SS: purchased in November 2001. Age 17. The SS has 67k original miles on it and is completely stock, other than aluminum rims from an 87 SS. Currently being restored, most recently has had a new maroon paint job. Stripes go back on in the spring, and hopefully eventually a 350 when Chris has money and time.
Rear, Front
Andreas Jelgard's Black 85 SS in Stockholm, Sweden
Andreas owns one of only two Monte Carlos in Sweden. It has 65k miles and was imported in 1992 from South Carolina. It has been lowered a couple of centimeters and has American Racing wheels. The 305 engine gives 230hk on the wheels. The pictures were taken outside the navalbase in Karlskrona in southern Sweden where Andreas works as an offcer in the Royal Swedish Navy.
Left Front, Left Side, Left Side
Mark Tonazzi's White 85 SS
Burgundy interior, stock in every way, still has second set of tires (Eagle GT) on it. 54K miles.
Front, Front, Right Front Side Eagle GTs
New Andy & Lynn's 'Black Knight' 85 SS
'Black Knight' as Andy calls it started out as a rusted out (frame and all) daily driver. He called it the cool beater. It now has been restored with a 350 4 bolt main with 10.5:1 forged pistons, steel crank and Crane cam with a double roller timing chain, headers with true duals. The drivetrain consists of a GN TH200-4R backed by an Eaton top spec posi 3:73 rear end. To round out the look, Andy used C5 Corvette wheels with Skulte adapters. The shell and frame of a mint 85 sport coupe donor car was used to give the car the strait lines without the hours of bodywork and bondo. He had clear title on both cars so the SS vin was legal to install on the donor. The results speak for themselves. Sweet Ride, well deserving of the title 'Black Knight'!
Left, Right Rear,
New Mike DeCelle's White 85 SS in Wynantskill, New York
Mike (aka 'nymonte' on the site) own's this beautiful White / Burgundy 85 SS. He purchased it in 1986 and it currently has 42,000 miles on the odometer. He have kept it 100% stock including the original replacement ac-delco battery and the second set of tires it has ever had, Goodyear Eagle GT's. The only things he has added include tinted windows and a decal onto the air cleaner, otherwise as is when new.
Left Front, Left Side, Left Front, Engine, Engine, Interior, Gauges
New Mike Calapai's White 85 SS in Levittown, New York
"Great daily driver, all stock" In Progress Picture, The Before Picture
New Mark Pritts' Silver 85 SS
Mark payed $200 for this car, and it has 76,000 miles on it. He bought it with the right front end of the car damaged. All together, He has $1700 in it. It is all original, and the original person that ordered it must have ordered colomn shifter and the 60/40 bench. Someone before Mark converted it over to bucket seats, though.
New Tim Simecek's Maroon 85 SS
This was the last new car Tim's father purchased, it was also the first '85 model to arrive at the local dealership, he bought it literally right off the truck. When he passed away in 1995 Tim's mother continued to drive it, even after moving from Florida to Ann Arbor Michigan. In 2001, it was stolen and the thief headed down I-94 towards Detroit, fortunately, my mother heard the car roaring in the parking lot as the moron that was boosting it was stuck on the ice.
He got free just as the cops arrived and a high speed pursuit followed with the SS getting the better of almost all the police cruisers that were chasing it. For some reason the fellow pulled over and abandoned it but was caught by a K-9 unit (gotta love the Michigan State Police) and the car was repaired (steering column natch) and returned. Tim's mother was worried it might get stolen for real so he bought her a new chevy and took this one off her hands. It currently has 244,000 + miles on it and is his daily driver, the only change he made was a set of Flowmaster 40's. The paint is pretty tired but there is very little rust and the engine fires on about the third spin every time and the tranny is still going, although that was rebuilt at about 100K and is in need of it again. The interior is pristine with the exception of the drivers side door pull strap. Tim is currently doing a frame off restoration on a Pontiac Station Wagon but when that is finished this car will get a total frame off resto as well.
Options are a little thin, power windows and locks, cycle wipers, cruise tilt and air, enough to make it comfortable anyway.
Left Front, Left Front, Left Side

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